NERA - Tomaz

Wine ID: cwb040508/ Barcode: 3857500055088
  • Wine type: Top Quality dry red wine
  • Vintage: 2015.
  • Variety: Red Malvasia
  • Position/Terroir: Motovun
  • Alcohol content: 15,0 %
  • Volume: 0,75 lit.

In early September, 80 percent of the onions are cut off and left on the vine. The grapes thus dry spontaneously or dehydrate during the following weeks, and have a higher concentration of sugar and extract. Black Malvasia then goes through 30-40 days of maceration, and then is prepared for aging in oak barrique barrels, in which it rests for a year and a half to two, then the wine from all barriques is paired together in stainless steel for three months, and after filling for at least another it rests in bottles for three months to calm down and round off. Black Malvasia Nera from the first series of the Tomaz winery, ie from the 2015 harvest, has 15 percent alcohol, and a color that eludes standard descriptions of red wines. In the rich complex aroma of this wine, when standing in a glass, there are associations with ripe red fruits, especially raspberries and strawberries, on dry grass or dried leaves, and even later there are aromas of ripe tomatoes and various spices.

This sumptuous wine would go well with some more serious meat, from veal to white meat to tagliatelle, but not too spicy, but this wine surprisingly strongly attracts fish, especially prepared with Mediterranean herbs, especially sage, under the baking lid, be it octopus or dentex fish. But one should keep in mind that this red Malvasia should be served at a temperature of at least 16 to 18 degrees, if it is too cold it will brake and will not give all the richness of aromas that it hides in itself.