PJENUŠAC TOMAZ extra dry - Tomaz

Wine ID: cwb040501 / Barcode: 3857500055033
  • Wine type: Sparkling top-quality pink wine
  • Variety: Teran, Merlot, Black Malvasia
  • Position/Terroir: Motovun
  • Alcohol content: 12,5 %
  • Volume: 0,75 lit.

The sparkling Cuvèe  from Teran, Merlot and Bold Malvasia has been made by the Charmat method – secondary fermentation in tanks. The aroma resembles reddish and citrus fruit. Due to its freshness, it serves as the best refreshment during the hot summer days.

It needs to be chilled well and served at a temperature of  8-10 ° C. This sparkling wine is ideal for a welcome toast, while on the other hand it can also be well complemented by seafood dishes.