Wine ID: cwb200504
  • Wine type: Quality white dry wine
  • Vintage: 2016.
  • Position/Terroir: Mekota, Pavlići / Galdišće, Nespeš / Židaki, Nespeš
  • Alcohol content: 11,5 %
  • Volume: 1,0 lit

Wines of various varieties in Prigorje have long been present, but there are a few cuvees where the varieties and their proportions gives each one the space to express and contribute to the quality and harmony of the wine. That is exactly what this cuvee of Posavec Winery is about.

This wine is perfectly clear, straw-yellow, noticeably fluid hence seductive and offering to the eye.

The very first sniff suggests that it is a complex and interesting wine. Rich and layered with fruity character. Alongside ripe white fruit, there are discrete aromas of bananas and mangoes, and fresh citrus tones spice it all up.

Completely dry, fresh, lively and smooth. A lot of citrus rises and calls the next sip. The strong side of the taste spectrum (acidity and minerality) is in favor of the soft (alcohol and higher alcohol). Good structure, harmonious and in an ideal form.

Very suitable for gastronomy, a friend of pork chops rich with fat, blood sausage, barbecues, fat rich meat cold cuts...

Serving temperature: 10-12 ° C