Croatian Oilers

Olive groves in Croatia

Olive growing is considered one of the oldest sophisticated approaches to agricultural cultivation and fruit processing. It dates back to several thousand years BC. The oldest civilizations saw the benefits of olives and olive oil, both for human health and as the forerunner of "cosmetics". Namely, olive oil is considered one of the first cosmetic preparations. Because of this, since ancient times, people have primarily valued the olive, and therefore the fruits, and the value of the olive has always been important.

In Croatia, the olive has long been present in the families of Mediterranean and coastal Croatia, and was considered a great asset and was treated with care. Although, not so long ago, olive growing was neglected in Croatia, in today's times, when the trend is for people to return to nature, olive growing, that is, the production of olive oil, is also returning.

More and more families are renovating olive groves, planting new plantations and investing in oil mills. It is an invaluable contribution to the identity of Croatia as a top gastronomic destination, a very attractive country for vacations and a return to nature.

For all the above reasons, in this part of the page we guide you through the Croatian olive industry. This olive growing guide takes you through four regions, each of which has its own specificity. Explore, visit and taste top olive oils, which, not so rarely, are declared the best in the world.

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