Wineries and distilleries in Croatia

Croatia is divided into two main wine regions: the continental and the Mediterranean. Perhaps it would be more correct to organize Croatian winemakers according to regions and sub- regions; however, since our goal is to promote winemakers also among those to whom wine regions do not mean much, we have, for the sake of clarity, organized them according to the counties of the Republic of Croatia. We have to add that the data was gathered from a variety of sources which we took care to check, but if there are any omissions, we apologize in advance and invite anyone with a correction to contact us.

We have also included distilleries in this section because, although many are separate producers of alcoholic beverages, not a small number of wineries dedicate themselves to distillates as part of their production.

Wine-producing region
Selling places
Tasting room
Vineyard area
Grape variety
Phone number
Bjelovar Bilogora County Brod Posavina County Dubrovnik Neretva County Istrian County Karlovac County Koprivnica Križevci County Krapina Zagorje County Lika Senj County Međimurje County Osijek Baranja County Požega Slavonia County Primorje Gorski kotar County Sisak Moslavina County Split Dalmatia County Šibenik Knin County Varaždin County Virovitica Podravina County Vukovar Srijem County Zadar County Zagreb County City of Zagreb