Wine ID: cwb040806
  • Wine type: Top Quality dry red wine
  • Variety: Cabernet sauvignon
  • Position/Terroir: Kostajnica - NW Istria
  • Alcohol content: 14,0 %
  • Volume: 0,75 lit.

By the name itself, it is visible and recommended to enjoy this wine with a time lag from the opening of the bottle. Although if you smell the cork, you can feel the fullness and intense pleasant smell characteristic of this variety on your nose.

The wine is clear ruby ​​in color, creamy, and rolling in the glass leaves a beautiful and striking mark on the wall of the glass.

After some time spent in a decanter or in a glass, the wine has stabilized, and by offering it to the nose, you can feel the smell of dark berries, and the smell of pepper, which slightly sharpens the sense of smell. The coordinated fragrant aromas do not distract the nose from the glass, on the contrary, they encourage a few seconds of delay before tasting..

The taste is characteristic of the variety. The taste of dark fruit, which lacks the rough bitterness of the same, and is most reminiscent of ripe cherries, and the hotness of pepper, which does not take on the taste but is harmoniously added as in a perfectly spiced dish. Present, unobtrusive but necessary. The presence of wood is also felt, but much less than it would be if it were made from Gran Riserva. This wine is aged in Barrique barrels for about 6 months.

The wine is extremely drinkable, not too heavy for that category of wine. Tannins are pleasant, unobtrusive. Although the alcohols are a little higher, they do not penetrate aggressively into the wine, but are elegantly implemented. It is certainly a carefully prepared, harmonized wine.

Wine is recommended with stronger meat dishes, roasts. Also with feathered game dishes. But for lovers of stronger wines, as an extremely pleasantly balanced wine, it can be enjoyed without food, with possibly a piece of darker chocolate, a handful of roasted hazelnuts or some other nuts.

Serving temperature: 16 - 18 ° C