Wine ID: cwb032704
  • Wine type: Quality dry pink wine
  • Vintage: 2018.
  • Variety: Plavac mali
  • Position/Terroir: Pelješac
  • Alcohol content: 12,5 %
  • Volume: 0,75 lit.

Rose JaVa is the first wine that we have created in a new wine year. We have made a special effort to achieve the perfect balance between sugars, wine acid and pH in this wine.

After the autochthonous variety “Plavac mali” is handpicked from our own vineyards in the early morning, we are start the production of the wine. It is very important to keep the grapes at lowest possible temperature at all times. The early morning temperatures are important for this type of wine, because in the late September temperatures in middle of a day often reach 38°C, which consequently stunts any production of a Rose sort.

When the grapes are crushed we keep a “must”(skins and grape juice) together in maceration for less than 5 hours on a steady temperature below 5°C. In this production stage (cryo-maceration) we get aromas from the grape skin (roses, lemon, flowers, water melon, elderberry).

Then we separate a skins from the grape juice and start the fermentation.The fermentation temperature must always be kept below 17°C. That way, we protect the aroma of the grapes, while maintaining the fermentation process. After fermentation the wine is cleared of yeast and is prepared for finalization.Our Rose JaVa is a dry wine which contains about 11–11,5 % alc., pH 3,3 and a smooth wine acids at a concentration of approximately 6 g/l. It is important to note that the grapes are coming from a single vineyard that yields only the best grapes for this kind of wine.

However, this brings us to limited quantities of wine-under 800 bottles yearly!

It is a light, modern, very fresh, “summery” wine that pairs seamlessly with delicate food, such as pasta, risottos, clamand raw seafood.  

Decanting required, minimum 10-15 minutes, directly from the refrigerator.

Serving temperature: 10 C.